Podcasting for Business: How to start and grow a podcast in 2021

With over 1.75 million podcasts, you may be thinking it’s impossible to gain an audience if you start a new podcast, right? Think again. This week on the podcast, Tyler is joined by Jeremy Enns from Counterweight Creative to talk about what it takes to start and grow a podcast in 2021. Have a question […] ... Read more

Local Business Marketing on Clubhouse, TikTok and Reels

In this episode, Bruce Irving from Smart Pizza Marketing joins Tyler to talk about the impact of apps like Clubhouse, TikTok, and Instagram Reels for local businesses. Tyler and Bruce share their thoughts on Clubhouse, talk about content strategy with TikTok, and social media in general, and much more. Plus, Bruce sticks around to answer […] ... Read more

Dissecting The Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm: What Every Marketer Must Know

In this week’s podcast, Tyler breaks down the Facebook News Feed algorithm and gives you the single most important takeaway marketers need to know when it comes to Facebook Marketing. He also reviews some new tests Instagram is conducting and how they could impact the platform, takes some of your questions, plus much more. Have […] ... Read more

Instagram for Business: What Marketers Need To Know for 2021

In this episode, Jenn Herman joins the Casual Fridays Podcast to talk about all things Instagram for Business. Tyler and Jenn dive into recent updates to the Instagram platform, talk about how businesses can leverage Instagram Reels, Newsfeed versus Stories publishing, and much more. Plus, Jenn sticks around to answer listener questions with Tyler. They […] ... Read more

How-To Create a User-Generated Content Strategy

Are you one of the 63% of marketers who feel pressure to produce greater amounts of content at a higher frequency? Would you like to have tons of trustworthy content at your fingertips that is more authentic, drives engagement, and influences purchasing decisions? This week on the podcast, Tyler shares with you how to create […] ... Read more

Clubhouse: What Marketers and Brands Need To Know

In this episode, Tyler’s joined by Brian Fanzo (aka @iSocialFanz) and discuss the emergence of the new social app, Clubhouse. Brian and Tyler go over everything you need to know about this addictive, audio-only social app. On Clubhouse? Be sure to follow @tylerjanderson and @iSocialFanz. Have a question for a future podcast episode? Drop Tyler […] ... Read more

How-To Improve Your Marketing with Improv

Did you know improv can help you with creativity, brainstorming, building teamwork, and more? In this episode, Tyler is joined by Chris Trew from Hell Yes Creative to discuss how improv can help any person and organization. Chris has over 14 years of experience performing comedy and improve and has collaborated with top brands such […] ... Read more

How To Create a Website and Landing Pages That Convert

In this episode, Tyler’s joined by LeadPages brand evangelist Bob Sparkins. Bob shares with you how to build a website on a budget, necessary elements of a website and landing pages, plus some common mistakes to avoid. Have a question for a future episode? Be sure to connect with Tyler on Instagram @tylerjanderson and if […] ... Read more