Updates to Facebook and Instagram Ads: What Marketers Need To Know

November 5, 2015

Does your brand struggle with budgeting and running Facebook ads?

Is the thought of adding Instagram ads to your mix more than you can stand?

We know that ads are a crucial component to a successful social media campaign, but where do we start? How much do we spend? Which tools do we use? How do we find our target audience?

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, I am joined by Chris Mikulin, founder of yo-yo empire, CLYW and digital strategy agency, Caribou Social, on Facebook and Instagram ads.

Let’s do this!

About the show:

The Social Media Social Hour is a podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to get on the social media fast track. The podcast is an interview format, where each week I get up close and personal with top brands and influencers to talk social media, tech and online marketing. Each week I also share tools that I personally use to help me with social media management, sales, marketing, accounts management, and productivity. The Social Media Social Hour is presented by Scoreboard Social.

In this episode, here is what you’ll discover:

About Chris Mikulin:

Chris is the owner of high-end yo-yo company, CLYW and founder of the digital strategy agency, Caribou Social. He is also a member of Jon Loomer’s Power Hitters Club.

Chris started his career as a mechanical engineer, but through his experience running CLYW he discovered a passion for digital marketing.

Mentionable Quotes:

  • “With local awareness ads you can advertise to someone within a one mile radius of an address.”
  • “With conversion ads you can optimize your ads so they will show to people who are more likely to convert.”
  • “The Facebook Ads Manager tool has gotten better, but Power Editor is the place for new features. It has better targeting and more options.”
  • “You can get away with more copy in your ad if it’s created in Facebook Power Editor.”
  • “If you have an email list, you can upload it directly to Facebook. Facebook will match it to Facebook IDs and you can target that audience.”
  • “With lead ads you are keeping people on Facebook, (removing the need for a landing page).”
  • “To create Instagram ads, you need to link your Facebook page to your Instagram page.”
  • “The only Instagram ads available to be optimized currently are video views, mobile app installs, and clicks to your website.”
  • “I recommend checking in on your Ads Manager three times a day.”
  • “If I’m not happy with my Facebook ad results within 24 hours, I’ll stop running or change the ad.”
  • Tips for Budgeting Facebook Ads:
    • Set goals and objectives
    • Create your target audiences
    • Set a minimum ad budget of $10-$15 per day
    • Measure results against your goals
    • Adjust strategy based on goals and results
  • Ninja Tips for Facebook Ads:
    • Provide value first, don’t lead with a sale
    • Add the Facebook pixel to your website
    • Retarget your audience

Items/people mentioned in the show:

Chris’ Social Media Six Pack:

  • How many different yo-yo tricks do you know? 1,000
  • If you had your body, but the head of an animal, which would you pick? Bear
  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten (or drank) on vacation? Alcohol with a snake inside of it
  • When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Professional mountain biker
  • If you had to choose one age that you had to stay at forever, what would you pick? 31
  • Do you have any phobias? Very high heights