Social Media Day San Diego 2014 Recap

July 10, 2014

Did you celebrate Social Media Day on June 30th?

Did you hear about the world-class lineup of speakers that attended Social Media Day San Diego?

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, Julien Brandt joins me and we breakdown all the awesome information and key takeaways from Social Media Day San Diego. The event, which is celebrated globally on June 30th, took place in San Diego at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. Social Media Day San Diego featured a stellar lineup of industry experts such as Mari Smith, Michael Stelzner, John Lee Dumas, Martin Shervington, Jenn Herman and more.

Official slides and audio files of Social Media Day San Diego will be available soon. Check back here for the link.  

About the Show:

SMSH_Podcast_Artwork_300The Social Media Social Hour is a podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to get on the social media fast track. The podcast is an interview format, where each week I get up close and personal with top brands and influencers to talk social media, tech and online marketing. Each week I also share tools that I personally use to help me with social media management, sales, marketing, accounts management, and productivity.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Julien Brandt is an attendee from the event and is the CEO from Organik SEO that is located in San Diego.
  • This year the event was a paid full day of education with a lot of top influencers and also a networking component at the end.
  • Social Media Day San Diego 2014 had about 1000 total registered to attend this year.
  • Julien has been to a few Social Media Day’s and discovered this one due to it popping up on his Twitter and Facebook.
  • He feels that value wise it is the best conference out there.
  • The first person that kicked off Social Media Day San Diego was Mari Smith.
  • Julien has always loved listening to Mari speak and thinks she is one of the best speakers and rated her a nine.
  • A couple of things that stood out was the declining reach from Facebook and ways around this such as posting content outside of business hours, reposting popular posts and mixing up the type of posts created.
  • He also found it interesting that Mari uses 99% of other people’s content.
  • Julien had never heard of Zach King before Social Media Day but loved him afterwards and found his very interesting.
  • Zach’s presentation was about the power of the story and his creation of Vine.
  • The take aways that Julien got from Zach was that the internet is a huge battle field of people fighting for attention and the importance of telling a story to do so.
  • A couple important quotes from Zach was, “Publishing everywhere is publishing nowhere” and “Posting about everything is posting about nothing”.
  • To really get a feel for what Zach does, Julien recommends to go online and check out his videos.
  • Tips that Zach gave were to put yourself in front of a camera, consistent posting and give away free video content.
  • Ron Nash was the next speaker and an expert on LinkedIn.
  • Julien’s opinion on Ron was that he was good but unfortunately missed some of his presentation.
  • Ron isn’t a marketer but rather teaches people from a personal standpoint on the power to create and manage your own perception through social media.
  • Ron was very inspirational and a good reminder about the platform of LinkedIn.
  • One of the main take aways that Julien did have was that LinkedIn is a hub for business testimonials and it is more about what others say about you and getting recommendations.
  • The business panel came next and Julien really liked what he heard and rated them a nine.
  • This year, the business panel was diversified with big brands like the Chargers and start ups like Petbox and a retail business from San Diego called The Donut Bar.
  • Up next was the podcasting panel, which Tyler was a part of as well as Mike Stelzner and John Lee Dumas.
  • Julien thought that the podcasting panel was amazing and found really great take aways.
  • Julien found the progression of podcasting to be very interesting.
  • The goal of bringing a podcasting panel to the event this year was to open the eyes of others to podcasting.
  • Podcasts gives people the opportunity to listen to a FM quality show that people can listen to on demand.
  • After the podcasting panel was Jenn Herman who is an expert on Instagram.
  • Julien loved her presentation and found it interesting how important Instagram can be to a business and all of the picture tools that go along with it like Canva or PicMonkey.
  • A big take away from Jen was to use call to actions, and to actually put text overlays in the captions to tell people what you want them to do.
  • Julien really liked how Jen outlined a content strategy for people to use.
  • Martin Shervington wrapped up Social Media Day San Diego and he is the Google+ authority.
  • Julien found his presentation great, especially because Julien’s company is a big advocate of Google+ and SEO.
  • Martin’s biggest point was that Google+ is Google and it is a social layer that has a lot more reach than most social media platforms and it really ties into everything we use on a day to day basis like Gmail and Google search engine.
  • Julien thinks that Google+ isn’t right for every niche but it is a great platform for interactions.
  • Julien’s favorite of the day was Zach King because he was the most entertaining.
  • Julien attended the networking party after the event as well and found it valuable and a great opportunity to mix and mingle with the social media community of San Diego.
  • Social Media Day San Diego ranked one of the best social media events worldwide so far.
  • Julien says that for anyone who missed out, go to Twitter and look up the hashtag #SMdaySD and check out the what people were live tweeting from the event.

Julien Brandt’s Social Media Six Pack:

  1. If you had to be tied up to one person from 24 hours who would it be? Julien would pick his fiancé.
  2. Do you have any phobias? Julien doesn’t really have any in specific.
  3. Do you have any body piercings? Julien does not.
  4. Can you play any musical instruments? Julien can play guitar.
  5. Have you cried during a movie or TV show during the last two years? Julien says all of the time.
  6. What time do you typically go to bed? Julien goes to bed around 12:30 or 1:00.

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