Mastercard to Allow Account Management in Facebook Messenger: What’s Hot in Social Media

October 28, 2016

When Facebook broke out their private messaging capabilities into the separate app “Messenger” in 2014, social media marketers began to wonder what Facebook had up their sleeve. In recent months, with the introduction of various integrations and potentials for monetization, it has become apparent that Facebook has made Messenger a top priority.

This week, Mastercard announced that they teamed up with Facebook Messenger during the 2016 Money 20/20 conference. Mastercard released further details about what Mastercard account holders will be able to do with their account through Messenger in 2017. More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Mastercard to Allow Account Management in Messenger

Mastercard will soon allow their account holders to manage their bank accounts within Facebook Messenger. Through Messenger’s chatbot, Mastercard account holders will be able to ask account related questions, set spending alerts, and learn about cardholder benefits and local offers. This was announced by Mastercard during the 2016 Money 20/20 conference.
Why does this matter?
Facebook has continued to develop their Messenger platform by introducing various chatbots and integrations. Until now, the buzz around chatbots has seemingly fallen flat. With the support of a big name like Mastercard, Messenger has the potential to boost their users and popularity. Online banking has continued to remain popular, so integrating account information into Messenger would be a time saver for account holders.

Twitter to Shut Down Vine

Twitter announced that they will be discontinuing their short-form video app, Vine. They noted that they will be keeping the website online so users can access and download their video content.
Why does this matter?
As Twitter continues to face financial hardships, it’s clear that they no longer have the resources to sustain Vine. With their recent focus on their live-streaming platform, Periscope, it’s obvious they are looking to focus their efforts elsewhere. It is commendable that Twitter is providing creators enough notice to access and download their video content, opposed to wiping it away with no notice. This is another great reminder to not “build a home on a rented lot”.

Branded Content Now Available for Verified Profiles

Facebook has extended their branded content policy. Their branded content policy extension will allow verified pages to share branded content. This will allow verified profiles to post branded content and tag the associated marketers in their posts. Marketers will be able to boost and share the posts. Facebook defines branded content as “any post including text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links, 360 videos, and Live videos that feature a third party product, brand or sponsor”.
Why does this matter?
This will allow verified pages who share branded content to be promoted by the brand. By doing this, the influencers will receive a greater reach.

Instant Articles Now Support 360 Photos and Videos

Content creators can now incorporate 360 photos and videos into their Facebook Instant Articles.
Why does this matter?
Incorporating 360 photos and videos into Instant Articles will offer a more dynamic content experience for the user. Marketers will be able to be more creative with their Instant Articles content.

YouTube Launches End Screens To All Creators

YouTube announced that they have made “End Screens” available to all users. End Screens are thumbnail overlays at the end of videos that prompt viewers to take a specific action. Thumbnails can be made available for like last 5-20 seconds of the video, and are available on mobile and desktop. The CTAs can prompt viewers to watch other videos, subscribe to the channel, and more.
Why does this matter?
YouTube’s new overlays will now allow all content creators to include CTAs in their YouTube videos. This will help creators drive traffic to their other content, gain subscribers, drive people to their website or newsletter, and more. Creators will only be limited by their imagination.

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