Instagram Tests E-Commerce Posts: What’s Hot in Social Media

November 4, 2016

Instagram, a beautiful gallery of photos and memes, that captivate millennials and their scrolling-thumbs for hours. (At least that’s how people used to see it!)

After the introduction of social ads, marketers began to pay attention, and realized that the platform could be used for business. This week Instagram began testing e-commerce posts, which would transition the beautiful photo galleries into digital catalogs. More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Instagram Tests E-Commerce Posts

Instagram has began working with retailers to develop e-commerce posts. Users will be able to tap certain posts, to pull up tags that feature product and pricing information. By clicking the tags, users will be redirected to a “shop now” link, which will bring them to the retailer’s website where the product can be purchased.
Why does this matter?
E-commerce posts will take Instagram from being a beautiful content archive to a real e-commerce platform. These updates will be crucial for those with physical products.

Twitter Offers Customer Service Chatbots in Direct Message

Twitter has introduced two new chatbots for direct message. Brands will now be able to set up welcome messages and quick replies.
Why does this matter?
These automated responses will ideally speed up customer service response turnarounds. This will also prevent someone from needing to constantly monitor Twitter direct messages. It will still be important for someone to check in on direct messages, but this may save them time answering basic questions that a chatbot could handle.

Pinterest Introduces Three New Types of Promoted Pins

Pinterest has introduced three new types of promoted pins, one-tap pins, video pins, and app pins. One-tap pins will direct Pinterest users straight to the retailer’s website to learn more about that pin with a single tap. Video pins will be promoted video posts that will play directly in Pinterest. App pins will be promoted pins about apps, that will redirect the user to the app store to install the app.
Why does this matter?
One-tap pins and app pins will make it easier to purchase directly from retailers or app providers on Pinterest. The video pins will make for a more dynamic Pinterest experience, and will no longer require users to click out of Pinterest to watch a video.

Facebook Introduces Resources for Business Influencers

Facebook has introduced a set of resources for their business influencers. The resources include strategy and leadership guides, and more information on Facebook Live, Facebook Mentions, notes, and 360 videos.
Why does this matter?
Facebook is taking the time to provide educational information to their users to help them maximize their efforts on the platform.

Periscope Changes Requirements for VIP Program

In September, Periscope launched their VIP program. To be eligible for the program, users needed to have a minimum of 10,000 followers on the platform. Periscope has reversed this rule, and has made eligibility based on the average number of live viewers per broadcast. Now the minimum level of eligibility requires users to have an average of 200 live viewers per broadcast.
Why does this matter?
Eligibility in Periscope’s VIP is now based more on active engagement (live viewership), over vanity metrics (number of followers).

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