Instagram Testing Multi-Photo Album Posts: What’s Hot in Social Media

February 3, 2017

The day we have all been waiting for has finally come. Snapchat has publicly filed for its massive IPO. As we begin to learn more information about the internal workings of the company, the other platforms continue to work at chipping away at what has made Snapchat so wildly successful.

Instagram has found a lot of success in capitalizing on their Stories feature, slowing the growth of Snapchat and introducing their own version of ads. Instagram Stories now has just as many daily active users as the last figure reported by Snapchat.

More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Instagram Testing Multi-Photo Album Posts

Instagram has pushed an update to Android beta testers to allow for multiple photos in a single post. Users will be able to swipe between photos like a carousel ad. The feature could be pushed out to all users in the near future.
Why does this matter?
The new update is expected to allow users to pick and choose up to 10 photos from their camera roll to upload into a single album post. Instagram added the feature for advertisers in March of 2015. The update could help brands to maximize a post’s visual impact. In turn giving followers more content without flooding their feeds.

Instagram Stories Hits 150 Million Daily Users, Launches Skippable Ads

Instagram Stories has matched the 150 million daily active user mark last reported by Snapchat. The platform is working to quickly monetize those users. A series of ads have been launched that include a 5-second unclickable picture and 15-second video ad between users’ stories.
Why does this matter?
Instagram launched stories only six months ago and has now begun to monetize the feature. Brands such as Netflix, Capital One, Nike, and General Motors, along with a small list of others will be given a first look at the new feature. Stories is using the same format as Snapchat Ads where the ad will roll between the end of one user and the beginning of another. 

Snapchat Now Lets You Make Snapcodes That Open Websites

Snapchat is giving brands another way to connect with consumers where they are. Users can now create a snapcode that leads to a website or landing page. The snapcode can be created natively in the app.
Why does this matter?
Snapchat is taking the old use of QR codes and adding their own twist. Brands and individuals alike can lead others to their website or landing page with a custom snapcode. Using the camera mode, users can simply scan the snapcode which will direct them to the linked website. The new feature gives brands another affordable way to drive traffic to their website.

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