Instagram Releases Live Streaming to All Users: What’s Hot in Social Media

December 16, 2016

From Periscope to Facebook Live, the social media industry has been buzzing about the integration of live streaming into content strategies. To make things even more interesting, Instagram and Twitter have introduced live streaming into their native platforms, and Facebook introduced 360 Live.

The million dollar question becomes, WHERE will you choose to stream? Only time will tell who will come out on top.

More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Instagram Releases Live Streaming to All Users

Instagram has made live streaming available to all users via Instagram Stories. When the user is done broadcasting, the video will disappear from the app.
Why does this matter?
As live video continues to grow in popularity, it’s logical that Instagram would introduce live streaming to their user base. Brands will be able to connect with their audiences in real time, and have the opportunity to create a new form of content on the platform.

Twitter Users Can Now “Go-Live” in the App

Twitter users can create and tweet live streams directly within the Twitter app. These streams are powered by Periscope, and offer the same engagement functions, (comments and hearts).
Why does this matter?
Twitter has been involved in live streaming via Periscope since the inception of mobile broadcasting. Until now, users could only broadcast through the Twitter-owned app Periscope. Users can now “go-live” directly from the Twitter app, and engage with their audience in real time. As other platforms are quickly adopting live streaming, this move is critical to try and help keep Twitter relevant.

Instagram Allows You to Save Posts for Later

Instagram will now allow users to bookmark Instagram posts to be revisited at a later time. A collection of all saved posts can be found on your profile.
Why does this matter?
Users will now be able to save memorable ads, products they’d like to try, or brands they would like to check out for a later time. Instagram users aren’t always scrolling through their feeds in a place where they can take action, but this bookmarking feature will allow them to go back and reference these things when it is more convenient.

Snapchat Adds Groups and New Creative Tools

Snapchat has added the ability to start group chats with up to 16 friends. Content within the groups will be deleted after 24 hours. Snapchat has also introduced Scissors and Paintbrush. With Scissors, users can clip images within their snaps and reuse them as stickers. The Paintbrush feature can be applied to snaps in Memories, turning them into a work of art.
Why does this matter?
Snapchat originated as a social network for one to one communication. After introducing Stories, the communication went from one to many. With the addition of group chat in Snapchat, this furthers the one to many communication abilities on the platform. The addition of the new creative tools allows for more fun ways to create content on the platform.

Facebook Introduces 360 Live

Facebook has introduced 360 Live, an immersive, 360-degree, live video experience. Viewers will be able to explore live streams, similarly to 360 photos. This was introduced through a National Geographic post.
Why does this matter?
This updates allows for an even more interactive and immersive video watching experience. Opposed to exploring static environments, viewers will be able to explore the places and things being live streamed in real time.

Facebook Introduces a New Way to Keep Up With Comment Threads

Facebook confirmed that they are testing a new way to keep up with comment threads. Users have reported seeing the comment threads they participate in appearing in chat windows in messages.
Why does this matter?
This new feature will help Facebook users stay connected with the comment threads they are participating in, improving their overall user experience.

Facebook Adjusts Metrics, Again

Facebook announced that they will be adjusting their metrics again. This time they will be adjusting estimated reach, reaction counts, and like and share button discrepancies.
Why does this matter?
The adjustments to these metrics will ideally provide advertisers with a more complete and accurate picture of their social media marketing efforts.

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