Instagram Reaches Staggering Advertiser Milestone: What’s Hot in Social Media

March 24, 2017

This week, Instagram has yet again doubled the number of active advertisers to a staggering one million. The platform has also made saving live video possible. In other news, LinkedIn has added trending storylines to increase engagement, as well as your industry knowledge.

More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Instagram Grows to One Million Advertisers, Plans to Add Direct Booking

Instagram announced this week the platform has surpassed one million active advertisers. There were 500,000 advertisers in September 2016 and only 200,000 in January 2016. Growth of that magnitude can be partly attributed to the simple fact that a lot of people use Instagram — 400 million every day, as of January.
Why does this matter?
Instagram’s advertiser base doubled once again for the second time in under two years. Most of that can be attributed to the growing number of millennials using the platform. On top of that milestone mark, Instagram is also planning new features, including insights for multi-image posts and Instagram Stories. Businesses will also soon have the ability to add a button to their profile for users to book directly through Instagram.

Facebook Adds Desktops to Facebook Live Functionality

You can now broadcast live to millions on Facebook by using your desktop computer. Prior to the update, Facebook users only had the ability to ‘go live’ by using a mobile device. The update is a big step toward making Facebook Live easier to use.
Why does this matter?
While the update is mainly geared toward gaming streamers as an effort to take market share from Twitch, the update is also good news for anyone who wants stable video streaming for tutorials, how-tos or Q&As. Look for business pages to start using the feature to showcase more interviews and professional quality videos.

LinkedIn Launches Trending Storylines Feature

LinkedIn launched Trending Storylines this week as an effort to increase active users and engagement on the platform. The update will be available for both desktop and mobile, but highly purposed for mobile consumption.
Why does this matter?
Time and knowledge are two crucial assets for working professionals. LinkedIn’s update is an effort to combine both with social at the center. Engagement has been down recently on the platform, and LinkedIn is looking to be seen as more than a networking and job-finder tool.

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