Instagram Introduces Comment Controls and Safety Features: What’s Hot in Social Media

December 9, 2016

Social media is a place for conversations, but sometimes we share a piece of content that needs to stand for itself. Sometimes what we share is sensitive in nature, and the comments just aren’t welcome. To help with this, Instagram has rolled out the ability to turn comments off for specific posts. This will allow you to control the conversation, and give the green light when engagement is and isn’t welcome. More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Instagram Introduces Comment Controls and Safety Features

Instagram has introduced the ability to turn off comments on posts, and the ability to like comments. Private account holders can now easily remove followers. Instagram users have the ability to anonymously report posts that may indicate the user is contemplating self-injury.
Why does this matter?
Turning off comments on Instagram posts will allow particular posts to stand alone and stop unwelcome comments. The ability to like comments will help brands engage with comments without having to reply each time. Instagram’s safety features will help protect Instagram users and their privacy.

Facebook Updates Analytics for Apps

Facebook has updated Analytics for Apps to allow its users to set their time zones and review data by the hour.
Why does this matter?
Formerly data was only available in the pacific time zone, but now users will be able to toggle to view data in their local zone. Marketers will now be able to review their data hourly opposed to daily, so they can better understand their customer’s activity.

LinkedIn Adds Personalized Conversation Starters to Messages

LinkedIn has introduced personalized conversation starters to help users start conversations with people in their network.
Why does this matter?
This new feature will ideally make LinkedIn users more comfortable when asking for recommendations, referrals, or about new business opportunities.

Pinterest Introduces “Tried and True”

Pinterest will now include a green smile icon and a percentage of success next to pins that users have tried and deemed successful. 
Why does this matter?
This will improve the Pinterest user experience, and help users determine if they want to take the time to try specific pins.

Periscope Users Can Now Save Content in HD

Periscope users can now save their content in high-definition.
Why does this matter?
Users will be able to save their broadcasts in a higher quality, providing them better quality content, (especially if they want to repurpose).

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