Instagram Adds Live Video and Disappearing Content: What’s Hot in Social Media

December 2, 2016

Instagram was formerly known for their galleries of gorgeous photos, but recently has been copying features from some of the most popular social networks. Their latest move has taken another page from Snapchat’s playbook by introducing disappearing photos and videos. Instagram has also jumped on the broadcasting bandwagon, and has introduced the ability to live-stream from their new Stories feature. More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Instagram Adds Live Video and Disappearing Content

Instagram has introduced live video, and disappearing photos and videos to their platform. Users will be able to live stream directly from Instagram Stories. Instagram users will also be able to send disappearing photos and videos, (similarly to Snapchat) to groups and individuals via direct message.
Why does this matter?
Instagram is continuing the take plays from Snapchat’s playbook by incorporating disappearing photos and videos. Although this doesn’t have a direct effect on brands, it is a fun feature for users. Instagram is also embracing live video. This will prevent brands from having to drive their Instagram audience to other platforms like Facebook or Periscope to live stream.

Facebook Updates Custom Audiences

Facebook has added “everyone who engaged with your page” to custom audiences.
Why does this matter?
Marketers will now be able to target everyone who has engaged with their page up to 365 days prior.

Facebook Tests Multi-Product Newsfeed Ads

Facebook is testing a new multi-product ad unit with select advertisers. The ad unit features a main image or video with related product images underneath. When a viewer clicks the ad, they are redirected to a second page with more products. If the viewer clicks any of the products on the page, they are redirected to the retailer’s website.
Why does this matter?
Facebook is providing another creative way for brands to advertise their products on Facebook. Since these ads require two clicks to reach the brand’s website, the people who are engaging with these ad units may be more likely to buy.

Twitter Adds Desktop Features to Mobile

Twitter has added some of their current desktop features to mobile. Moments, Twitter’s story telling feature, will now be available on mobile devices. Twitter has also added conversation rankings and reply counts to the replies section on their mobile app.
Why does this matter?
Even though these are not new features, as mobile usage continues to increase, it’s important for Twitter to make as many of their features available on mobile as possible.

Facebook Opens “Facebook Creative Hub”

Facebook has opened their “Creative Hub” to the marketing and advertising communities. Creative Hub has been described as a “sandbox where agencies can play with different ad formats for online and mobile, and experiment with what works best.”
Why does this matter?
As Facebook and social advertising continues to grow, it is beneficial for Facebook to provide educational resources for marketers and advertisers to get the most out of their Facebook ads.

Yelp Introduces “Yelfies”

Yelp has introduced, “yelfies”, a new feature that reviewers can utilize when checking in to a business. Yelfies combine a selfie with a regular photo, the name of the business, and their rating. Yelfies can be shared with the reviewers friends and family.
Why does this matter?
Yelfies are a fun way for Yelp users to leave reviews on the platform. Marketers can keep an eye out for this new review format.

Twitter Debuts QR Codes

Twitter has introduced their own QR codes. Users can generate their own custom QR code in their settings. The codes work the same as Snapchat’s Snapcodes.
Why does this matter?
Twitter is jumping on the QR code bandwagon. The code will allow users to follow the user by scanning the code.

Pinterest Rolls Out a Business Profile Makeover

Pinterest has introduced a number of updates to their business profiles. They have included a rotating showcase, the ability to highlight boards, updates to buyable pins, and a new consistent look across desktop and mobile.
Why does this matter?
Pinterest’s rotating showcase and board highlights will allow brands to show off their best Pinterest content more easily. Buyable pins can be included in these showcases, which will ideally get more eyes on their pins that can be purchased. The consistent look across desktop and mobile will offer a more professional look and feel.

Periscope Rolls Out New Updates for Broadcasters

Periscope users can now send an invitation to their viewers to follow them or share their broadcast while they are live-streaming. Broadcasters can also share specific clips from their live-stream on the web.
Why does this matter?
Broadcasters now have an option to prompt their audiences with a call to action, (follow or share). They also have the ability to share specific clips of their content on the web, which may attract a different audience than mobile viewers.

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