How-to Get Big Results and Reduce Your Content Creation by 70%

February 7, 2019

Do you find yourself in a content creation grind?

Are you scrambling each week to create tons of content all because you feel like you must to be successful on social media?

What if I told you that you could reduce your content creation by 70%, yet still get significant results? Sounds pretty awesome, I know.

On today’s podcast, Tina Starkey, the National Director and Social Media Manager for American Cancer Society, shares how they reduced their content creation by 70%, yet are yielding stellar results by optimizing their creative to feed the algorithms, amplifying their content to the people who matter, and investing wisely when every dollar counts.

About the show:

The Casual Fridays Podcast is a show for marketers and businesses looking to get on the social media fast track. The podcast is an interview format, where each week I get up close and personal with top brands and leading experts to talk about digital marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and more. The Casual Fridays Podcast is sponsored by Tack – a tool that helps brands and businesses acquire and manage digital rights to user-generated content (UGC).

About Tina Starkey:

  • Social Media National Director for American Cancer Society
  • Speaker at Social Fresh 2019

Key Quotes from Tina Starkey about Content Creation:

  • “It’s a constant evolution, the platforms are changing, the marketplace is changing, the society around us is changing so there’s nothing that is going to be set it and forget it in this space.”
  • “It’s not an assignment for someone who has another 10 things on their plate.”
  • “When a couple of people see it, that engagement comes, and when that engagement comes, we start to get that opportunity to create those authentic connections.”
  • “Real people talk to real people on our content. That’s the beauty of having the brand that we have.”
  • “Content is expensive to create.”
  • “So getting into the newsfeed is primetime, it’s the highlighted spot. It’s where we need to be and that content that goes out day in and day out is not showing up there unless we’re quite a bit more strategic.”
  • “We want more engagement, good and bad.”
  • “It’s a consistent message over time to a targeted audience… instead of a firehouse.”
  • “We’re being very thoughtful about what we’re putting in front of people rather than just filling the gaps on the calendar.”
  • “The metrics are the most difficult part to articulate because it’s again changing so quickly. We want to make sure that we’re not using some vanity metrics to make ourselves look good but that we’re feeling like we’re providing more value.”

Key Takeaways about Content Creation:

  • 2:32 Tina’s Introduction
  • 4:20 How she got into her role
  • 5:50 How her job has evolved
  • 7:00 When did ACS decide to have a social media department?
  • 8:55 The then and now of what her social media team looked like
  • 11:20 Organic reach vs. paid reach
  • 12:50 How has the change in algorithms impacted her strategy with these platforms
  • 15:20 How the psychology of how people use platforms has evolved and how the executive level still views social
  • 19:00 How much content does she create per platform and is it effective?
  • 22:34 How is her Instagram strategy different than Facebook?
  • 23:34 On finding content and particularly user-generated content (UGC)
  • 25:58 On Instagram Stories
  • 27:34 On Instagram Story ads
  • 29:00 On video & YouTube
  • 31:30 What metrics to use to measure success

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