How to Create Work/Life Balance in an Industry That Never Sleeps

August 31, 2016

Are you struggling to create a work/life balance in an industry that never sleeps?

Do your social media notifications keep you up at night?

Comments, likes, clicks, and views never rest, but as the people who manage them, it’s important to find time to unwind.

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, I am joined by Bree Kelley, community manager at Casual Fridays, on how to create work/life balance in an industry that never sleeps.

Let’s do this!

About the show:

The Social Media Social Hour is a podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to get on the social media fast track. The podcast is an interview format, where each week I get up close and personal with top brands and influencers to talk social media, tech and online marketing. Each week I also share tools that I personally use to help me with social media management, sales, marketing, accounts management, and productivity. The Social Media Social Hour is presented by Scoreboard Social.

In this episode, here is what you’ll discover:

Mentionable Quotes by Tyler Anderson:

  • “Schedule your day and stick to it, (not just your meetings and calls, but your breaks too).”
  • “Set exceptions with your spouse, co-workers, and clients.”
  • “You need to take it upon yourself to turn off your notifications when you’re unavailable.”
  • “People will respect you if you communicate your availability.”
  • “If you want to turn off your notifications in one swoop, just turn off your phone.”
  • “You can’t assume that people will always respect the boundaries you set for them. Sometimes you need to take it upon yourself to just turn your notifications off.”
  • “Create a designated workspace.”
  • “I actually set alarms on my phone to make myself take breaks.”

Mentionable Quotes by Bree Kelley:

  • “Everything doesn’t need to get done between 9-5.”
  • “We can’t be the super hero all of the time. If someone else is covering a project, let them cover it.”
  • “During the first day of the work week, I delete everything off of my desktop.”
  • “Create two separate environments where you work and play.”
  • “Even if you have to bring work home, make sure those things aren’t in eyeshot when you go to relax.”

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