Facebook Updates Live Features for Mentions: What’s Hot in Social Media

January 6, 2017

Facebook has been known to roll out their new and exciting features exclusively to their Mentions users. They were the first group to have access to Facebook Live and a number of other premier updates. As the bugs were ironed out of these features, Facebook began rolling them out to all users, taking away some of what made being a Mentions user so special.

Facebook has stuck with this trend, and rolled out new Facebook Live features exclusively to Mentions users. They haven’t announced if these features will be made available to all users, so Mentions users can bask in the exclusivity of their new updates.

More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Facebook Updates Live Features for Mentions

Live was initially rolled out to Facebook Mentions users, but was later rolled out to all of Facebook. Facebook has now introduced a number of updates to Live exclusively for Mentions users. Some of the updates include the ability to draft descriptions for their Live posts, a comment filtering tool, the ability to customize the appearance of broadcasts, and the ability to trim footage off the beginning and end of Live broadcasts.
Why does this matter?
All of these features will improve the experience of using Facebook Live. The features  will give the broadcaster more control over their streams, so they can customize them for their audience’s needs. Facebook has not made any indication that these features will eventually be made available to all users, but Facebook has made a habit of testing features with Mentions users, prior to introducing them to general public.

Periscope Tests Support for Live 360 Video

Periscope has began testing support for Live 360 degree video. This feature will allow views to move around a live broadcast by tapping and swiping their screen. Periscope did indicate that they intend to roll this feature out to all users.
Why does this matter?
This feature is currently available on Facebook Live. For Periscope to remain competitive and relevant, it’s important for them to continue to introduce features like this.

Twitter Resolves Reporting Errors for Video Campaigns

Twitter announced that they discovered a “technical error”. This effected metrics of video ad campaigns over the last few months. They announced the error has been resolved and that they will continue to closely monitor their systems.
Why does this matter?
Twitter did not expand on what the exact errors to the metrics were. We can assume metrics were under or over reported. Moving forward, advertisers should see a more accurate picture of how their video campaigns are performing on the platform.

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