Facebook Live Introduces Scheduling and Pre-Stream Lobbies

October 21, 2016

In April, Facebook rolled out Facebook Live to all users. Since then, we’ve been taken into people’s homes, on their vacations, and behind the scenes of the most exciting events around.

Facebook Live has continued to grow in popularity, and win over new users with each new update. This time around, they definitely had marketers in mind! Facebook Live will now allow users to schedule and promote their broadcasts ahead of time. They also introduced pre-stream “waiting rooms” where viewers can gather before the stream even starts. More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Facebook Live Introduces Scheduling and Pre-Stream Lobbies

Facebook Live will now let verified pages schedule and promote their live broadcasts. Pre-stream lobbies will be available for users to “wait” in before the live-stream begins. Facebook intends to roll out these features to all users.
Why does this matter?
Scheduling live broadcasts will make it easier for users to promote their streams ahead of time. Users will be able to schedule their broadcasts up to a week in advance, and share a link to subscribe. If subscribers opt in, they can receive a push notification to remind them about the upcoming stream that they’ve subscribed to. Pre-stream lobbies will allow viewers to gather ahead of time, so the broadcaster doesn’t have to wait for more viewers to join the broadcast before beginning.

Facebook Updates CTAs, Recommendations, and Events

Facebook has announced updates to three of their main features. Users who post status updates asking for a recommendation will be able to enable a comments section, where their friends can leave their suggestions all in one place. They will be able to bookmark their suggestions. Under the events bookmark, Facebook users will be able to browse event recommendations by popularity with friends. Facebook has updated their CTAs to be more direct for local businesses. Some of the CTAs include, “order food”, “request an appointment”, or “get a quote”.
Why does this matter?
Updating recommendations will enhance the user experience, and allow Facebook users to treat their status updates like a forum that can be bookmarked. The updates to events will provide an enhanced user experience, and help users find new and popular local events. Offering more direct CTAs will ideally help local businesses see greater conversions on their promotions.

Facebook Updates Ad Options for Instant Articles

Facebook has updated their advertising options for Instant Articles to include support for new and custom ad sizes, video ads, and carousel ads.
Why does this matter?
The support for these new and customizable ad formats will allow advertisers to run more robust, interactive, premium campaigns.

Updates Coming to Facebook Audience Network

Facebook will be introducing updates to their Audience Network based on feedback from advertisers’ conversion signals. It was noted that this will help Facebook value different ad placements more accurately.
Why does this matter?
This may effect advertisers’ CPMs in either direction, but will ideally offer them the ability to develop higher quality ad placements.

Instagram Adds Stories to Explore Tab

Instagram will now feature Instagram Stories under the “Explore” tab.
Why does this matter?
By featuring Stories, users will be able to discover content from users they don’t currently follow. If content creators are featured under the Explore tab, they will receive more exposure and a greater reach.

Periscope Allows Streaming From New Devices

Periscope has introduced Periscope Producer, a new way for Periscope users to stream directly to their accounts from a device other than their phone. Other streaming devices include streaming software, hardware encoders, and professional cameras.
Why does this matter?
Until now, broadcasters were only able to live-stream from their phone or tablet. Now they will have the ability to use different tools to stream to their account, based on their needs.

Pinterest Introduces New Retargeting Options

Pinterest has introduced new ways for advertisers to retarget users who interact with pins and website visitors. Advertisers will be able to target by specific actions taken by the user including clicks, comments, saves, likes, and closeups. They can also target based on interest. With the Pinterest tag, advertisers will be able to target users by actions that took place on their website including browsing categories and adding items to their shopping cart.
Why does this matter?
As Pinterest continues to attract more users and advertisers, it’s important for them to continue to refine their Ads Manager platform, and offer new tools and targeting options.

Pinterest Develops “Pin Collective”

Pinterest has developed a hub of their best content creators called “Pin Collective”. Brands will be able to choose from publishers, individuals, and production shops to work with them on their Pinterest campaigns.
Why does this matter?
This new program will benefit content creators, by helping them link up with brands for influencer opportunities. This will benefit the brands working with the influencers, by helping them drive traffic to their Pinterest campaigns.

Facebook Lets You Set Thumbnails for 360 Photos

Facebook users will now be able to set the initial image that appears for their 360 photos. It was noted that Facebook will be releasing album support for 360 photos.
Why does this matter?
This update will help marketers have more control over their 360 photos, and allow them to repurpose the content in new ways.

Twitter Replaces Moments With Explore Tab

Twitter has replaced their “Moments” tab with a new “Explore” tab.
Why does this matter?
Although Moments was recently released, Twitter is now testing a discovery feature in favor of the additional content sharing feature.

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