Facebook Is Following Snapchat’s Lead Again: What’s Hot In Social Media

January 27, 2017

Perhaps Snapchat had it right all along? In a time when social media changes come and go at a mind-boggling pace, all the trends seem to be meshing across the board now. Snapchat’s vision for the future of video and instant connection has caught traction. Now, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter seem to be playing catch up. Just this week Facebook released a Stories feature, much like Snapchat’s and Instagram’s.

More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Facebook Stories Puts Snapchat Clone Above the News Feed

Facebook has launched a Stories feature in Ireland. Instagram released a similar update in 2016. Facebook aims to release the update in more countries in the coming months.
Why does this matter?
As Snapchat gets closer to an inevitable IPO, Facebook has hopped on the bandwagon of the Stories feature by releasing their own take. The update will let Facebook users upload photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Facebook has not shied away from imitating Snapchat features, introducing filters, selfie masks, and stickers for its Messenger app in an undeniably similar UI design.

Instagram Live Stories: Available Globally

Instagram has made their Live Stories feature accessible to all users. To start a live video, users can simply swipe right from their timeline and select ‘Live’. 
Why does this matter?
Instagram released the Live feature to some users in 2016 in a move to replicate the success of Facebook Live. With Twitter integrating Periscope into their platform, Instagram’s move to live video is not surprising. Now, both influencers and consumers alike will have an avenue to voice their opinion on brands and products.

Facebook Messenger Begins Testing Ads

Facebook has begun testing ads running within its Messenger app. The test is currently live in Australia and Thailand. The ads will run as prominent cards positioned on the app’s home screen. 
Why does this matter?
As with any app, if the potential is there for an ad to appear, it will likely make its way. With a large majority of Facebook’s 1 billion daily active users also sending messages in Messenger, the move to include ads in the app makes sense to get brands in front of their consumers. 

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