Facebook Holds F8 Conference with Augmented Reality At the Center: What’s Hot in Social Media?

April 21, 2017

Facebook has begun work on world domination. All kidding aside, the annual developers conference known as F8 did not disappoint in blowing minds for the future of social media and augmented reality. Virtual reality social media platforms and other features were released during the conference. Meanwhile, Instagram added an additional tool to save bookmarks to private collections.

More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Facebook Holds F8 Conference with Augmented Reality At the Center

Facebook held its annual developer conference, F8, this week and did not disappoint in future products and innovation launches. The 2-day event was held in San Jose and hosted developers and businesses with interactive experiences and the opportunity to meet one-on-one with members of the Facebook team.
Why does this matter?
The conference is like the Detroit Auto Show for the future of social media. Among the futuristic products and features to come include typing with telepathy, skin-hearing and improved 360 video cameras. Another notable mention is a virtual reality (VR) social media platform of its own.

Instagram Now Allows You to Organize Bookmarks into Private Collections

Instagram will make its bookmarking feature more useful with the introduction of “collections.” Users will be able to save photos and videos into organized folders for quicker access, much like Pinterest.
Why does this matter?
Instagram says that since they introduced the bookmarking feature a few months ago, nearly half of users have saved at least one post. With collections, the company now aims to make the feature more powerful. It could also add some interesting pressure to Pinterest.

Facebook Launches Augmented Reality Camera Effects, Filter Studio to Come

Facebook will rely on an army of outside developers to contribute augmented reality image filters and interactive experiences to its new Camera Effects platform. The features are now available in Facebook’s Camera feature on smartphones.
Why does this matter?
In the future, Facebook intends this feature to be fully compatible with future augmented reality hardware, such as eyeglasses. Facebook claims that opening up the development of the augmented reality filters and tools is a one-up on Snapchat keeping their tools away from developers. The end results are thousands of effects instead of just ten or twenty.

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