“Facebook at Work” to be Available Next Month: What’s Hot in Social Media

September 30, 2016

 After much anticipation, Facebook has announced the official launch date for “Facebook at Work”. Competing with SaaS products like Salesforce Chatter and Microsoft’s Yammer, Facebook is introducing an enterprise communication and collaboration tool that’s sure to give existing tools a run for their money. Why? It’s familiar.

With a user interface similar to Facebook’s, millennials and Gen Xer’s alike will be comfortable jumping into the platform, and using it to communicate internally with their teammates. More details on the tool and pricing below. More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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“Facebook at Work” to be Available Next Month

Facebook will be introducing an enterprise communication and collaboration tool called “Facebook at Work”. This tool will provide a familiar place for employees to exchange ideas and assign tasks. It also includes audio and video calling, direct messages, and a “work feed”. The tool will be priced per user.
Why does this matter?
Facebook at Work will be similar to tools like Salesforce Chatter and Microsoft’s Yammer. Although there are already similar products on the market, Facebook at Work will provide a familiar interface for users. Facebook at Work’s pricing structure will allow businesses to pay for the people actually using the product opposed to a flat fee.

Facebook Enhances Canvas Ads

Facebook has expanded their Canvas Ads product, and now allows marketers to track additional objectives like brand awareness and video views. It was also noted that they will soon be adding templates, support for 360-degree videos, and the ability to link to other Canvas Ads.
Why does this matter?
Canvas Ads have proven to be a fun, interactive, immersive, and well-received ad format on Facebook. It’s a smart and obvious move for Facebook to continue to grow the ad formats that are yielding the best results for their advertisers.

Facebook Allows Advertisers to Set Rules to Turn Off Ads

Facebook has given advertisers the ability to set rules to send themselves an email notification or turn off an advertisement once specific criteria are met.
Why does this matter?
This will save advertisers from having to closely monitor their ads, and having to shut them off when certain thresholds are met.

Twitter Introduces Website Conversions Objective

Twitter has released the beta version of their website conversions objective. This objective will help advertisers retarget website visitors on desktop and mobile, and drive more conversions.
Why does this matter?
According to Twitter’s statement, using this conversion will drive 2.5x the volume of conversions, over running a similar campaign with a website clicks objective. This will result in a greater ROI for those advertising on Twitter.

Snapchat Renames and Rolls Out Video Glasses

Snapchat announced that they have changed their name to Snap Inc. Snap Inc. announced a new product called “Spectacles”. Spectacles are sunglasses with an integrated camera, that syncs directly to your Snapchat app via bluetooth or wifi. Spectacles will allow users to share memories with their followers, just as they were experienced.
Why does this matter?
Snap Inc. appears to be attempting to transition into the hardware market. With a go-pro style feel, it will be interesting to see if Snap’s “Spectacles” catch on.

Twitter Rolls Out “Moments” to All Users

Twitter has rolled out it’s story-telling feature, “Moments” to all users. This feature was formally only available to brands, partners, and influencers.
Why does this matter?
Twitter announced last October, that “Moments” would soon be available to all users. Although not as popular as Snapchat and Instagram’s story telling features, it will be interesting to see if the everyday Twitter user embraces the new update.

Twitter Allows You To “Filter” Your Timeline

Twitter has introduced an option to select an “I don’t like this tweet option” on specific tweets. Enabling this option on a tweet, will remove similar tweets from your home timeline.
Why does this matter?
This option will allow Twitter users to customize their experience on Twitter. This will allow them to spend more time looking at the tweets they actually want to see.

Periscope Introduces a VIP Program

Periscope is launching a VIP program that gives popular broadcasters access to special rewards like profile badges and being featured as a “broadcaster to follow”. VIPs will be ranked in bronze, silver, and gold levels. Each ranking will provide additional perks to the broadcaster based on their number of followers.
Why does this matter?
This program has the potential to be lucrative for broadcasters on the platform with a significant number of followers, (10,000 plus). Being a featured “broadcaster to follow”, may help the broadcaster gain more followers. Having more followers will allow the broadcaster to reach a new VIP tier based on Periscope’s standards. Reaching the new tier would result in more perks for the broadcaster, (like greater access to the Periscope team and collaboration opportunities).

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