Facebook Allows Ability to Cross-Post Videos: What’s Hot in Social Media

September 16, 2016

 This week Facebook dominated the headlines. From allowing brands to take in-app payments via Messenger to letting users “go-live” from their laptop, Facebook has kept us busy with new and exciting updates to their various platforms.

The hottest story of them all? Facebook will now allow page administrators to cross-post video content to pages with different owners and business managers. Kiss requesting shares and re-uploading videos goodbye! With a single click, pages can cross-post content and receive a single set of aggregated insights to measure their glorious video data across pages.More details on why this matters, and what else is happening in social media below.

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Facebook Allows the Ability to Cross-Post Videos

Facebook page administrators can now cross-post video content to pages with different owners and business managers. Previously, the only options to share video content on different pages were to ask the page to upload the video or to manually share the post on the page. This update will work for regular videos and 360 videos. It is not currently available for videos that were previously live.
Why does this matter?
This new feature will allow marketers to share their video content with new audiences without the hassle of requesting pages to share or re-upload the same video. Marketers will have access to aggregated insights for the same piece of video content across all pages. This will help marketers get a better understanding of how their content is being received across different pages and audiences.

Facebook Live Accessible on Desktops and Laptops

Facebook has confirmed that they will be rolling out Facebook Live to desktops and laptops.
Why does this matter?
This will allow Facebook users to broadcast live directly from their desktops and laptops. Broadcasting live from a desktop or laptop may make for a more “professional” broadcast. This will open doors for different kinds of video content like sit-down interviews or more formal public announcements.

Facebook Updates Messenger to Include In-App Payments and More

Facebook’s Messenger platform will now allow brands to accept payments directly through the app. They also added the ability for brands to use News Feed Ads to drive traffic to Messenger.
Why does this matter?
By allowing brands to accept payments via Messenger, Facebook has turned Messenger into an e-commerce tool. Instead of sending users away from Facebook to the shopping cart on their website, brands will now be able to accept payments directly through the platform. Getting users to purchase on the platform they were originally engaged with on may result in a less distracted user and a higher purchase ticket. This will also help brands calculate a direct ROI for sales through Facebook and Messenger.

Facebook Adds New Global Ad Targeting Features

In Facebook’s lookalike audience tool, advertisers can now target users in new countries with similar characteristics to users in other countries that they already target. In addition, advertisers with the objective of website conversions or mobile app installs can now use extended location targeting capabilities by region or trade zone. The update will deliver ads to those regions and optimize the ads for the regions with the greatest returns.
Why does this matter?
These updates will help advertisers reach audiences similar to the ones they are already targeting in different countries. This will help brands expand their global advertising footprint and increase their sales.

Facebook Adds New Option to Custom Audience Targeting

Facebook has added “users who have viewed my Canvas ads” as a custom audience to target.
Why does this matter?
This custom audience is more likely to engage with new ad content since they already engaged with that same brand’s ad content in the past. Brands who use this custom audience may see more engagement and conversions from this group.

Snapchat Introduces New Targeting Options for Advertisers

Snapchat has introduced new ad targeting options for advertisers. Advertisers can now target users using email databases and mobile device IDs. Snapchat is enabling users to pair email and mobile device data with their internal consumer data for advanced targeting. Prior to this update, brands could only target users based on age or gender.
Why does this matter?
For Snapchat to mature as a platform, they need to take steps to make it a viable network for brands and advertisers. By introducing more advanced ad targeting options, Snapchat is attempting to do just that.

LinkedIn Revamps Desktop Publishing Experience

LinkedIn has revamped their desktop publishing experience by adding new features to the platform. New features include saving articles to read later on mobile, a content search feature, and the ability to customize the format of publications on the platform.
Why does this matter?
Brands and individuals have taken to posting short and long form content directly to LinkedIn opposed to solely sharing links from their website. These updates will create a more user friendly experience for the publisher and reader, while assisting in content discoverability on the platform.

YouTube Launches Community Feature

YouTube has launched a new community tab on the video sharing site that allows content creators to communicate with their viewers in real time. Creators can share text updates, photos, live videos, GIFs, and more. The roll-out of this feature is still limited and in beta.
Why does this matter?
This will allow Youtube content creators to stay connected with their viewers between video posts within YouTube. This will prevent YouTube creators from having to drive their viewers to an alternate social network like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to stay connected.

Twitter Adds Notifications for Periscope Live Videos

Twitter users will now receive a push notification if someone they follow shares a live video from Periscope.
Why does this matter?
This will help Twitter users stay better connected to the live content that people they follow publish.

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