Facebook Ads & Enhanced Facebook Marketing with Jon Loomer

March 13, 2014

Are you looking to find better ways to reach your target audience with Facebook ads?

Do you want to dive into the world of enhanced Facebook marketing for your business?

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, Jon Loomer joins me to talk about utilizing Facebook ads to more effectively market your business. Jon Loomer’s blog is listed as number one of the Top 10 Social Media Blogs by Social Media Examiner this year.

I also share with you an awesome photo tool that allows you to repost Instagrams from other users to help increase engagement.

About the show:

Social Media Social Hour PodcastThe Social Media Social Hour is a podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to get on the social media fast track. The podcast is an interview format, where each week I get up close and personal with topbrands and influencers to talk social media, tech and online marketing. Each week I also share tools that I personally use to help me with social media management, sales, marketing, account management, and productivity.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Tech Tool of the Week: Repost for Instagram
  • Jon Loomer’s blog was rated number one of the Top 10 Social Media Blogs on Social Media Examiner.
  • Jon Loomer shares his story from his beginnings in the insurance world to shifting his focus to spend more time with his family.
  • Jon moved to New Jersey to work with the NBA, where he first started working with Facebook.
  • He was the first admin of the NBA Facebook group, before there were pages.
  • Jon moved into the non-profit world for the American Cancer Society.
  • After the American Cancer Society he began creating his site which has led him to where he is now.
  • When Facebook timeline for Pages was rolled out, Jon started shifting towards talking more about Facebook marketing.
  • In 2013, he has gone into the more advanced topics of Facebook marketing.
  • Jon talks about his Insights Training Course with 43 lessons on how to maximize Facebook ads and how to effectively use Power Editor to create ads on Facebook.
  • Jon talks about the benefits of Facebook ads and targeting to help grow your fans and customers.
  • He talks about website custom audiences that can target people who have visited his site.
  • Jon talks about the viral Veritasium Facebook video and how interest targeting is not the first way to target new fans.
  • If people know the backend of Facebook ads, they can be effective and powerful.
  • Being on Facebook does not mean new customers will come in.
  • Using all of the online profiles together helps customers act.
  • Jon talks about the difference between the self-serve ad tools and Power Editor.
  • Creating multiple ads is great for testing which ones work better than others.
  • Jon dives into the new call to action buttons available in Facebook posts.

Jon Loomer’s Social Media Six Pack:

  1. If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do? Sports Writer
  2. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Octopus
  3. If you had to be stuck in an elevator with someone for twelve hours, who would it be? My wife
  4. Would you rather go a week without bathing, but be able to change your clothes, or go a week without changing your clothes but being able to bathe? Bath, same clothes
  5. If you were in the circus, what act would you be performing? Lion tamer
  6. What keys on your keyboard do you never use? f7, f8,f9

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