New Look For Casual Fridays

September 30, 2015

We’re happy to share a new look this month. After six years in business, our social media agency, Casual Fridays, is going through a small but meaningful re-branding.

The story behind the original branding.
I’m not going to lie. There is no major story behind the original branding or color scheme. The logo and original colors were not created or inspired by some intense creative process. It was purely off my personal preference. I chose flip flops to be the primary logo of the company simply because I’m a laid-back guy and I literally live in flip-flops. Granted, it’s pretty easy to do so when you call San Diego home. I chose the original color scheme with a primary color of red because it’s one of my favorite colors.

You also may have noticed we dropped the “interactive” from our logo. When I first started Casual Fridays, people had no idea what we did. Heck, we could have been anything. I purchased the domain name because I had the entrepreneurial mindset and I always liked the term Casual Fridays. I had visions of using the name for a number of businesses. In 2010, I added the word “interactive” to the logo so people would recognize us as a digital agency.

Why the change?
In 2015, we now have a team of over twenty-five people across five states and work with over eighty clients across the country. Nobody refers to us as Casual Fridays Interactive. Clients and friends recognize us as “Casual Fridays.”

Recently, we spent a lot of time documenting our company mission and values and training our team. In conjunction with this, we wanted to update the colors to better reflect our brand values and brand voice.

What changed?
We selected blue as our primary color to represent the trust and integrity implicit in our mission. We strive to be known as trusted advisors when it comes to social media. It also ties into our sunny blue skies and the sparkling ocean at our doorsteps here at our San Diego headquarters. We want to pull through our fun coastal vibe in our brand personality.

One thing we did not change was the flip-flops. When you think of “casual fridays” in San Diego, flip-flops are a must.

What do you think of our new branding? Be sure to let us know on Twitter or Facebook.