Bootstrapping Start-Ups: How AgoraPulse Became a Top Social Media Management Tool

October 22, 2015

Do you have a passion for start-ups, but don’t know where to begin?

Are you looking for ways to launch your business on a budget?

Today we dive into the journey, of how a start-up became one of the top social media management tools on the market, (without major VC funding)!

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, I am joined by Emeric Ernoult, founder and CEO of AgoraPulse, on bootstrapping start-ups.

Let’s do this!

About the show:

The Social Media Social Hour is a podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to get on the social media fast track. The podcast is an interview format, where each week I get up close and personal with top brands and influencers to talk social media, tech and online marketing. Each week I also share tools that I personally use to help me with social media management, sales, marketing, accounts management, and productivity. The Social Media Social Hour is presented by Scoreboard Social.

In this episode, here is what you’ll discover:

About Emeric Ernoult:

Emeric is the co-founder of AgoraPulse, a Social Media Management tool company launched in 2011 and based in Paris and San Francisco. AgoraPulse is currently being used by more than 17,000 Facebook Pages across 137 countries.

Since 2000, he has been one of the European pioneers in the field of Social Media Marketing. He has advised French and international brands such as Virgin Megastores, FIA and Microsoft.

He is a regular speaker at International conferences such as the AllFacebook Marketing Conference, Facebook Success Summit and BOLO. He is also an accredited instructor at the Online Marketing Institute.

Mentionable Quotes:

  • “What worked for us has been content marketing and our blog.”
  • “Facebook works very well for people who know and trust you already.”
  • “Use retargeting ads to target free trial users from the past.”
  • “Laser target your ad campaigns and measure (by state).”
  • “You have to be willing to spend time on Facebook ads.”
  • “You have to master some things before you can find someone to do it for you, because if you hire someone to do it for you without mastering it, you’ll have no idea if they’re doing it right or wrong.”
  • “I don’t know if I’m doing it the right way, but I’m doing it the best I can do.”
  • “Supporting customers is the number one thing we want to do.”
  • Tips for Bootstrapping a Start-up:
    • Look for potential tax breaks
    • Network at conferences
    • Create free tools to generate leads
    • Leverage Facebook ads and retargeting
    • Prioritize customer support

Items/people mentioned in the show:

Emeric’s Social Media Six Pack:

  • Favorite City in the U.S. to visit? San Francisco, California
  • The one city you’ve visited and have no desire to return to? Cleveland, Ohio
  • Favorite pizza topping? Sausage
  • How many speeding tickets have you gotten on a motorcycle? 50-60
  • Favorite social media platform? Facebook
  • Which live streaming platform do you think has the most traction? Blab