Twitter Allows Brands to Monetize Live Broadcasts: What’s Hot in Social Media

Live-streaming has continued to be a hot topic among social media marketers. It’s great for showing off what’s going on behind the scenes, and the raw and authentic things that make your brand unique. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a little more convincing to get management onboard with investing in live-streaming. Twitter has come to the rescue! They will now […] ... Read more

How Southwest Airlines Led With Social Media To Emerge From a Crisis

Have you wondered what happened behind the scenes of Southwest Airlines’ most recent crisis? Are you interested in how they led their crisis strategy with social media? On July 20th, 2016, Southwest Airlines experienced a technological outage, that resulted in chaos for their team and customers. To keep their customers in the loop, Southwest Airlines […] ... Read more

Facebook Supports Vertical Video in the News Feed: What’s Hot in Social Media

Since the beginning of video marketing, it has always been a best practice to shoot and consume video in a horizontal format. That all began to change when Snapchat was introduced in 2011. No longer were the masses turning their phones sideways to capture video content. They were keeping them upright and recording video vertically. This trend continued to […] ... Read more

How to Create Work/Life Balance in an Industry That Never Sleeps

Are you struggling to create a work/life balance in an industry that never sleeps? Do your social media notifications keep you up at night? Comments, likes, clicks, and views never rest, but as the people who manage them, it’s important to find time to unwind. This week on the Social Media Social Hour, I am joined […] ... Read more

5 Benefits In Bringing On A Social Media Agency

Have you been weighing the benefits in bringing on a social media agency? Have you been reviewing digital agencies, but aren’t sure what matters most? Social media is not a one person job. As your business grows, it’s important to develop a strategy that will keep your marketing efforts current, secure, and cost effective. Will […] ... Read more

Google Discontinues Hangouts On Air: What’s Hot in Social Media

As much as Google knows about social networks, they really dropped the ball with Google+. After several tweaks, updates, and additions, they found themselves semi-successful with Hangouts on Air. Hangouts on Air allowed users to live-stream with each other in a Skype-like environment, with chat and scheduling capabilities. This rolled out well before the birth (and […] ... Read more

Facebook Attempts To Do Away With Clickbait: What’s Hot In Social Media

Clickbait titles, we can’t escape them! From grocery store tabloids to content in our Facebook news feeds, we are continually getting hit with enticing titles and stories that fail to live up to the hype. Facebook has decided that enough is enough and introduced a newsfeed algorithm that will push those cheesy, time-wasting articles to the […] ... Read more

How Businesses Can Create a Live Show Through Social Media

Considering incorporating live video into your marketing, but don’t know where to start? Did you know it can be as easy as pressing “Go Live” straight from your current social platforms? Everyone talks about the importance of live video, but no one ever breaks down how easy it can be to get started. From Huzza […] ... Read more

Instagram Stories: Why It’s a Win For Brands

Were you surprised by Instagram’s version of Snapchat Stories? Do you find yourself feeling the need to pick between the platforms? It came as shock when Instagram rolled out “Stories”, their version of Snapchat Stories. This update has resulted in a ton of buzz about who will be the live story winner. This week on the Social […] ... Read more

Marketing to Generation Z: What Marketers Need To Know

Is your brand looking to get in touch with Generation Z? Are you striving to tailor your marketing efforts to the most educated consumers of our time? The buzz about millennials has come and gone, as Generation Z takes the stage. With over 80% of this generation influencing in-home purchasing decisions, this demographic is definitely […] ... Read more