Facebook Live Introduces Scheduling and Pre-Stream Lobbies

In April, Facebook rolled out Facebook Live to all users. Since then, we’ve been taken into people’s homes, on their vacations, and behind the scenes of the most exciting events around. Facebook Live has continued to grow in popularity, and win over new users with each new update. This time around, they definitely had marketers […] ... Read more

21 Tips to Make Business Travel Easier

Do you find yourself in airports more than your office? Does traveling for work wear you out? Whether you’re traveling to seal new deals, attending industry conferences, or are visiting existing clients, traveling for business can be draining. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do before and during your trip that make […] ... Read more

Facebook Tests Advertising in Groups: What’s Hot in Social Media

Social media advertising has continued to grow in popularity, and has proven to be a viable advertising avenue for brands. Facebook has taken the next steps in ad targeting, and has began testing Facebook ads within Groups. This would offer more precise targeting and the potential for greater conversions. More details on why this matters, and […] ... Read more

10 Ways to Network Like a Pro

Are you attending some of the exciting networking events taking place this fall? Are you looking for tips on how to make the most out of your networking breaks? Networking is important for both personal and professional development, but starting conversations with new people can be intimidating. Whether you’re a conference newbie or a seasoned pro, there […] ... Read more

How Buffer Creates a Community of Engaging Fans

Are you looking for creative ways to build a community online? Are you working to take your online connections offline? Besides creating really great social media tools, Buffer is also known for their passion for community. From Twitter chats to in person meet-ups, Buffer has brought the process of building personal and professional relationships full circle. […] ... Read more

“Facebook at Work” to be Available Next Month: What’s Hot in Social Media

 After much anticipation, Facebook has announced the official launch date for “Facebook at Work”. Competing with SaaS products like Salesforce Chatter and Microsoft’s Yammer, Facebook is introducing an enterprise communication and collaboration tool that’s sure to give existing tools a run for their money. Why? It’s familiar. With a user interface similar to Facebook’s, millennials […] ... Read more

Social Media Content Hacks With Buffer

Are you racking your brain for new and creative content? Are you looking for unique ways to repurpose the content you’ve already created? It’s hard to be competitive when relying on blog posts as your main form of content. Luckily, we can look to brands like Buffer for content inspiration. Short videos, podcast episodes, and influencer take-overs […] ... Read more

Why Facebook Live is a Win For The Weather Channel

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Facebook Allows Ability to Cross-Post Videos: What’s Hot in Social Media

 This week Facebook dominated the headlines. From allowing brands to take in-app payments via Messenger to letting users “go-live” from their laptop, Facebook has kept us busy with new and exciting updates to their various platforms. The hottest story of them all? Facebook will now allow page administrators to cross-post video content to pages with different owners and […] ... Read more

4 Ways To Use Social Media to Promote Employee Advocacy

Have you wondered what all of the buzz around employee advocacy is about? Are you brainstorming ways to promote employee advocacy in your organization? Employee advocacy is beneficial for your brand, but can also play a key role in the self-esteem and attitudes of your employees. Before starting an employee advocacy program, it’s important to consider […] ... Read more