How To Create Proposals That Close with Kyle Racki

Find yourself struggling when putting together proposals for your business? Do you wish you could streamline the process and increase your close rate? Writing proposals isn’t typically a favorite activity. Most businesses use a boiler plate, and fail to customize each proposal they send out. Using a tool like Proposify can make proposal writing easier […] ... Read more

Social Selling Ninja Tricks For LinkedIn with Viveka von Rosen

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Facebook Updates Live Features for Mentions: What’s Hot in Social Media

Facebook has been known to roll out their new and exciting features exclusively to their Mentions users. They were the first group to have access to Facebook Live and a number of other premier updates. As the bugs were ironed out of these features, Facebook began rolling them out to all users, taking away some of what […] ... Read more

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: What Marketers Need To Know

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7 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2017

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Facebook Messenger Introduces a Native Camera and Superpowers

This year, Instagram introduced Stories like Snapchat, Twitter added native live streaming like Facebook, and now Facebook has added a native camera and creative features to Messenger, (just like Snapchat)! 2016 has been the year of the platform blend, and it looks like they intend to continue these updates through the new year. What will […] ... Read more

Insider Tips and Tricks To Influencer Marketing

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Instagram Releases Live Streaming to All Users: What’s Hot in Social Media

From Periscope to Facebook Live, the social media industry has been buzzing about the integration of live streaming into content strategies. To make things even more interesting, Instagram and Twitter have introduced live streaming into their native platforms, and Facebook introduced 360 Live. The million dollar question becomes, WHERE will you choose to stream? Only time will […] ... Read more

How To Create More Content With Screencasting

Are you working to incorporate more video into your content strategy? Have you ever considered adding screencasting to the mix? From heavily produced to live, it’s clear that video is here to stay. Live videos can be unpredictable and difficult to plan for, while heavily produced videos require significant time and resources. Screencasting offers an […] ... Read more