4 Ways To Use Social Media to Promote Employee Advocacy

September 14, 2016

Have you wondered what all of the buzz around employee advocacy is about?

Are you brainstorming ways to promote employee advocacy in your organization?

Employee advocacy is beneficial for your brand, but can also play a key role in the self-esteem and attitudes of your employees. Before starting an employee advocacy program, it’s important to consider your guidelines, goals, and how you’re going to implement your program.

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, I am joined by Bree Kelley, community manager at Casual Fridays, on 4 ways to use social media to promote employee advocacy.

Let’s do this!

About the show:

The Social Media Social Hour is a podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to get on the social media fast track. Each week the show features top brands, influencers, and leading social media professionals to talk social media and content marketing. The Social Media Social Hour is presented by Tack.

In this episode, here is what you’ll discover:

Mentionable Quotes by Tyler Anderson:

  • “Employee advocacy is the promotion of an organization or brand by it’s staff members.”
  • “Your employees can be your biggest and best assets.”
  • “Some of your employees may have a greater social reach than your brand or CEO.”
  • “People trust people more than brands.”
  • “Your employees add credibility to every post you share.”
  • “Reach and impressions are the easiest way to measure your employee advocacy.”
  • “Employee advocacy can be used to generate leads.”
  • “Have clear guidelines about what your employees can and can’t do.”
  • “Ask yourself, “what do you want your employees sharing on social”?
  • “We took the opportunity to surprise and delight our employees.”

Mentionable Quotes by Bree Kelley:

  • “Employee advocacy is taking a spin on the traditional referral.”
  • “It’s not always about influencing people outside of your company. You can influence them internally as well.”
  • “Your employees are proud of the work they are doing. If you give them the reins and feature them for it, they will be more likely to share that content with their audiences.”
  • “Your employees are your greatest asset.”

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