3 Ways to Get More User-Generated Content

January 17, 2016

Are you looking for ways to get more user generated content?

Do you need fresh ideas on how to repurpose the UGC that you already have?

There’s no doubt that user generated content often preforms better than the content we come up with in our marketing think-tanks. Even 80% of millennials say user generated content is a good indication of the quality of a brand or service, but the question is- how do you get it?

This week on the Social Media Social Hour, were talking 3 ways to get more user generated content.

Let’s do this!

About the show:

The Social Media Social Hour is a podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to get on the social media fast track. The podcast is an interview format, where each week I get up close and personal with top brands and influencers to talk social media, tech and online marketing. Each week I also share tools that I personally use to help me with social media management, sales, marketing, accounts management, and productivity. The Social Media Social Hour is presented by Scoreboard Social.

In this episode, here is what you’ll discover:

Mentionable Quotes:

  • “The expectation is that users are expecting a response on social channels in under an hour.”
  • “92% of customers trust their friend’s and family’s recommendations more than any other form of advertising.”
  • “88% of people trust anonymous reviews as much as they trust recommendations.”
  • “User generated content is any form of content (video, audio, photographs, etc.) that is created by your customers about your products and services.”
  • “User generated content is just like word of mouth.”
  • “Using geo-filters on Snapchat is an example of user generated content. You are promoting that destination.”
  • “62% of people can’t recall the last ad they saw online.”
  • “86% of millennials say user generated content is a good indication of the quality of a brand or service.”
  • “Use hashtags to track the user generated content that is relevant to your brand.”
  • “What can you do to your packaging to encourage user generated content?”
  • “Make sure you get legal permission to repurpose your user generated content.”
  • “User generated content is often more engaging than the content you come up with yourself.”
  • “Give your customers attribution for the great user generated content they provide.”
  • 3 Ways to Get More User Generated Content:
    • Ask your audience.
    • Incorporate it into the customer experience.
    • Repurpose user generated content.

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